About Us

Alto Riot represents the new generation of music entertainment and pop culture for a new age.  We strive to bring the artistic credibility of classical music and other defining genres back to the forefront and relevancy of pop culture.

The staff of Alto Riot seeks to introduce audiences to new mediums of arts & culture as well as historic and contemporary classical repertoire.  Through selected editorial features and reviews, Alto Riot provides viewers a chance to discover hidden gems in the sophisticated arts and find new means to connect to the genre through their current tastes.

Alto Riot maintains a strict editorial guidance that holds artists and content to the highest of standards but will provide it in a palpable and engaging manner for the general fan to enjoy.

At Alto Riot we understand that the current generation of consumers today are no longer confining themselves to just one genre of artistic interest. We seek to break down the barriers that prevent new fans from enjoying highbrow art mediums and more importantly breaking down the walls that the classical culture itself has built up itself from preventing the expansion of the art.


President: Andrew Gilles

Editor-In-Chief: Nick Sheer

Features Editor: Gene Yraola

Reviews Editor: Iris Chang

Contributing Editor: Hilary Greene

Culture & Arts Editor: Brian Davidson

Associate Features Editor: Matthew James

London Correspondent: Felix Liederman

Media Relations: Lisa Manshadi

For any inquiries to the editorial team, please email editor@altoriot.com

Alto Riot’s offices are based in Silverlake, California with correspondents in Chicago and London.



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