Bitter Sweet: Peter Capaldi’s Final Comic Con

(By Brian Davidson)

For what seemed like a storied legacy as the twelfth doctor, it has surprisingly only been a relatively short tenure of three years for Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who. Yet despite the somewhat brief period, Capaldi has arguably become the most popular Doctor Who of the last two decades. His candor and questionably over-“English gentleman” acting style on the series has given him the most comfortable fit in the role since Christopher Eccleston. But it has been Capaldi’s off-camera demeanor that has made him a fan-favorite. Since his arrival into the role in 2014, Capaldi has been the most accessible of the “Doctors,” without a hint of over exposure. For every San Diego and New York Comic Con, Capaldi has been there during his three year tenure. It’s almost unfathomable to count how many instagrams you’ll see fans have taken on the showfloor with Capaldi himself.

So it is with great sadness that on this Friday morning to see Capaldi in his final panel discussing the role that made him a household name. BBC America chose to make their panel block for Doctor Who strictly just a one-on-one with Capaldi and instead forgo the typical Comic Con forum of including the entire cast.

This all served to be a great sendoff for both the fans and Capaldi, as his departure after the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special will undoubtedly mark the most emotional for fans of the series. Added to the mix was the last season was also not only Capaldi’s finest season as Doctor Who, but one of the best seasons of the show all-time. A longtime fan of the series himself, Capaldi discussed his first days in the position, which involved months of actually idleness until he was finally called onto set. His fondest memory would be one that every fan could relate to – stepping into the Tardis itself.

A packed Theater at MSG came in full force to witness the final comic con panel from actor Peter Capaldi

Reflecting on his three years as Doctor Who, Capaldi was both humorous, almost relieved to finally be sending the mantle to Jodie Whittaker. Capaldi would mark that he never wanted to be comfortable in the role for the sake of continually pushing himself to be “creative.” In his own words, he realized it was time to go once he realized he “got the hang out of it.” Comically he would discover that Whittaker would be taking on the role through the wardrobe department in learning about the ordering of new pants in women’s waistlines. And in departing, Capaldi would simply give Whittaker the advice of “taking on the role in her own identity;” words that have served Capaldi in his own right.

Surprisingly Capaldi gave little details on the upcoming Christmas special, though did give heavy insight into the sentimental departures fans will experience when watching.

And with that, Capaldi walked off the Theater at MSG stage, cool and effortless with a breath of elegance as he first stepped onto the screen and into the hearts of fans of Dr. Who fans worldwide.

Fans inside The Theater at Madison Square Garden could be heard whimpering at the final sight of seeing Capaldi in the role of Dr. Who


Capaldi didn’t acknowledge this was a goodbye to the fans but more so as a door opening wider for the imagination.

One can only hope Capaldi will overlap with Whittaker or future iterations of the Doctor.

Until then, our fondest memories of him and the tardis will have to suffice.


(By Brian Davidson)

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