Bluefin Brings Out The Best for New York Comic Con 2017

(By Gene Yraola)

Over time, Bluefin became one of the de-facto distributors of hobbyist toys this side of the Pacific, mainly for its carrying of brands ranging from Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers, and most notably Star Wars. Last year, Bluefin brought out the most ambitious series of Bandai’s hobbyist Star Wars Model Kits yet with their Rogue One Line. One only needs to see their incredible trailer for the attention to detail Bandai Hobby team brought to last year’s hottest DIY collectibles:

For 2017, Bluefin once again succeeds in bringing the creme de la creme for hobbyist toy assemblers with their latest line of Bandai Hobby Star Wars, specifically their exclusives to this year’s NYCC.

Bluefin's Star Wars Showing clearly was one of the must-see booths of NYCC 2017

Upon further inspection of the TIE fighters for 2017, one can see that each fighter is differentiated from episode to episode. Bandai’s designers have poured an extraordinary amount of research into looking into each vehicles’ structural lines from the films themselves and they clearly show. A minimal amount of sheen is placed upon the outer plastics to give each vehicle a proper “galaxy” tone while still maintaining the right amount of dullness to prevent it from looking like a toy. Upon a private showing from the Bluefin representatives, each of the TIE Fighters looks prop-movie realistic using 4K cameras. The feat was quite impressive when compared to the original resolution of The Star Wars Episode 1 and even more impressive when compared to the outdated CGI of 1997’s Special Editions.

The attention to detail for this year's Bluefin Bandai Hobby Star Wars line is incredible

Bluefin’s NYCC exclusive – the Bandai Hobby PG Millennium Falcon, is by far one of the most impressive collectibles on the showfloor. Utilizing Bandai’s patented color injection technology, the kit has been engineered to even have its hull damage molded into the parts while still being snapped together and requiring no glue! Simply put, this could potentially be the best physical toy manifestation of Millennium Falcon this side of the galaxy!

One of the greatest feats of Bandai’s high end line is the fact that not only do they maintain such high details but that the snap bridges remain hidden when assembled – something that has been asked of heavily by fans for Bandai’s Gundam and Dragon Ball Z Lines. Even amongst Bandai Hobby’s Star Wars figurine line, that detail also holds true. Within a private showing from Bluefin – a 8 inch R2D2 could barely show any snap joints or connection points. The craftsmanship is second to none and out of all hobbyist showings on the showfloor, Bluefin’s Bandai Hobby line outpaces all in terms of assembly.

Figurines from Blue Fin, specifically their Bandai CHOGOKIN x 12 Perfect Model were the best on the showfloor

Star Wars was not only the line promoted but clearly the highlight of Bluefin’s entire NYCC 2017 showing. The latest mechs from the upcoming Pacific Rim Uprising will be a close second for most-wanted but depending on the success of the film’s upcoming March release will determine how coveted longterm the line will be.

(all photos taken by Gene Yraola)

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