Cameron Carpenter Brings the Hype of the Pipe Organ We Never Knew We Wanted

Say what you want about organist Cameron Carpenter. Outlandish playboy, an overtly confident swagger, maybe too cool for school. But there’s no denying he’s brought more hype for the organ instrument than…ANYONE. If you don’t feel the tingling sensation of excitement after watching his new album trailer then you’re probably deaf.

In creating his upcoming album, If You Could Read My Mind, Carpenter uses a technological marvel of music engineering with the birth of the “international touring organ.” Essentially a pipe organ that has been condensed in size without a compromise in sound quality, the international touring organ is perhaps the only time in history an instrument which such a grandeur effect could be brought to multiple locations in such a short span of time. Carpenter is shown in the trailer going full-throttle toward his approach to the organ opting for the big heavy notes and really exasperating the winds off the machine.

Carpenter’s If You Could Read My Mind drops this April in what is destined to be the biggest organ album since Anthony Newman’s 1975 Organ Orgy. ¬†Yea it’s been that long since the organ actually had prominence.

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