Chilly Gonzales Breaks Down the Pianistic Beauty of Lykke Li’s “No Rest For The Wicked”

(By Brian Davidson)

Without realizing it, listeners are instantly hooked to Lykke Li’s lead single off her new album I Never Learn through the song’s first two chords alone. Pianist and composer Chilly Gonzales dissects the instrumental background behind “No Rest For the Wicked” in an incredibly thorough and deeply complex analysis.

Gonzales, himself a master of creating brilliant piano lines, explains what makes Lykke Li’s song so alluring yet rich in depth in only the song’s first 2 seconds. Through a technique of “no resolution for the listener,” Gonzales shows how unsuspectingly contradicting chords can keep a listener hooked for the rest of the song, along with a short piano interpretation of “No Rest For The Wicked” by Chilly himself.


Chilly Gonzales is using musical theory concepts from his recently released album/piano guide Re-Introduction Etudes to analyze today’s pop music hits. Re-Introduction Etudes is a book + CD of 24 easy-to-master, fun-to-play piano pieces specifically designed to unlock musical mysteries for those with relatively amateur piano skills.

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