Classical Cover: Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”

Young pianist Carlijn de Vries under the guidance of her teacher Harry Völker, turns indie-pop artist Lykke Li’s roaring single “I Follow Rivers” into a melodramatic ballade with this beautiful rendition of the Swede’s 2011 hit.

Unlike a lot of piano covers of indie-electro songs, de Vries’ rendition is carefully arranged to provide a subtle pacing that strips the poppy-elements of the original. The cover of “I Follow Rivers” takes on a whole new emotional meaning, with little of the exasperating, standoffish undertone of the original and more so a desperate, overextending appeal.

With many of Lykke Li’s music done on pre-arranged strings and horns, it wouldn’t be out of the blue for her to do a full classical-arrangement of her songbook, ala Zola Jesus’ recent effort on Versions.

The original video for reference:

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