Classical Cover: The Drive Soundtrack

No other soundtrack in the last decade has had as much of pop-culture influence on music geeks and yet remain so retro-cool as that from the 2011 film Drive. The Ryan Gosling epic showcased possibly two of the greatest soundtrack inclusions ever – College’s “A Real Hero” and Desire’s “Under Your Spell.” Ask anyone from any generation, and these two tracks are more than likely on their list of favorites.

Youtube user “passsacaglia” creates an even more poignant version “A Real Hero” over the original with this beautiful piano cover.

Meanwhile youtube user “hybrid110190” turns the new-wavish love ballad “Under Your Spell” into a audio romance novel with his tearful cover (in addition to also covering “A Real Hero” as well).

Considering the popularity of these two tracks, it’s surprisingly shocking at how few covers there of either track – classical renditions or not.

Also for your enjoyment, the original versions themselves.

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