Colorado Symphony Orchestra to Host A Series of BYO Marijuana Concerts

With the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra is also following suit in progressing toward a more liberal direction with a series of concerts sponsored by the cannabis industry.

The performances, which will be organized by pro-pot promoter Edible Events, starts on May 23 with three bring your own marijuana welcomings at Denver’s Space Gallery and ending with a massive, outdoor performance at the revered Red Rock Amphitheatre on Sept. 13.

The concerts will serve as a fundraising effort for the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and have a specially themed programed specifically for the series.

While the pairing of classical music and marijuana may seem unusual, the partnership between CSO and the Edible Events presents a wider movement for orchestras to strive for a modernization in fundraising. Though traditionalist patrons may scuff at the notion, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra’s willingness to open its financial avenues is not only groundbreaking, but a necessity. The Edible Events partnerships will clearly help the orchestra, which like most in the country, have struggled in recent years, and will only yield much needed publicity that presents the CSO as one of the best forerunners in classical music.

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