Compose Yourself: Focus On Steven Gutheinz

In our latest Compose Yourself series, we take a look at up and coming composer Steven Gutheinz.

Like many in the field, Steven Gutheinz arranges music and hustles for gigs in the crowded TV scoring scene Рand has for quite some time. As a film, TV/commercial, game, and concert stage composer, Gutheinz has been no stranger to music programmers for his dazzling work. However, he has yet to be recognized by the mainstream public, particularly soundtrack nuts.

Steven has built a steady name for himself through the years as he composed music for several award-winning projects including the controversial feature film Grimm Love and the highly acclaimed short film Wraith of Cobble Hill, winning the Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at Sundance. He has scored feature films for Sony Screen Gems, Icon Productions, and MGM. In addition to film and TV, Steven has also written music for the critically acclaimed independent game NyxQuest, the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra, and The Texas Voices.

Yet one simple piece has turned Steven Gutheinz’s name into a massive YouTube search frenzy. In 2012, to promote an upcoming Frozen Planet nature series, Discovery Networks decidedly chose a new trailer backing piece than that used for its airings on BBC.

The ever so glorious piece fit the spectacular arctic visuals perfectly, and more importantly for Gutheinz gained him an instant fanbase clamoring for more.

Upon searching for material composed by Gutheinz, one discovers a plethora of wildly imaginative gems, including his dazzling 2012 self-released album entitled Cracking Shadows. See more of Gutheinz’s¬†works below and check out Cracking Shadows on iTunes now.

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