Compose Yourself: The Multidimensional World of Helios

Imagine if you were able to merge the soft analog tones of The Postal Service with Explosions In The Sky’s inspiring extended guitar tones. The end result would be the works of multi-faceted composer Keith Kenniff, otherwise known to the indie/post-classical world as Helios and his harmonious, soft-tone melodies.

Well known among the ambient classical audience for the last three years, American composer and instrumentalist Keith Kenniff has been creating a variety of genre-blended music including electronic minimalist pieces under the moniker Helios and post-classical piano music under Goldmund.

As Helios, Kenniff’s recordings can be best described as serene minimalistic arrangements.

His post-classical piano arrangements under the moniker Goldmund protrude reflective tones mixed with jewelry box/analog effects.

A growing name(s) in the indie-classical scene, Kenniff has attracted fanbases seeking similar acts from Aphex Twin to even those of the Avalanches.

Establishing an already impressive library of music, Kenniff has caught the attention of the film and advertising world. To say the least, he is a darling of every tech company under the sun composing music for splashy launch trailers. Kenniff has created music for digital giants Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and Google to name a few, as well as compositions for major award-winning campaigns for Apple, Dove, J.C. Penny and numerous other major brands.

Those looking for a composer with worldly, triumphant arrangements while still able to create simple, personal thought-provoking pieces, look no further. Helios’ next studio album Yume is drawing quite the buzz and is expected to be released later in 2013.

Listen to our soundcloud set below to get an even bigger taste of Helios/Goldmund/Keith Kenniff and check out more at

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