Compose Yourself: Focus On Rob Simonsen

(By Gene Yraola)

L.A.-based composer Rob Simonsen has slowly been building a name for himself scoring music for films such as the Oscar-winning Life of Pi, Moneyball, and most recently The Way Way Back starring Steve Carell.  But what has recently given Simonsen national attention is his composition and musical arrangement for Apple’s “Photos Every Day” ad, arguably Apple’s best ad since the teaser introduction of the iPhone itself.

The simple and short piano piece “Photos Every Day” (barely clocking in a minute) is the latest arrangement written by Simonsen for Apple. The poignant piano solo wonderfully compliments the ad’s simple everyday-life visuals and has caused a social media frenzy for those seeking commercial availability of the track itself, let alone spiking an interest in Simonsen who has provided the scoring for the entirety of the Apple iPhone 5 campaigns.

After years of co-arranging and composing for films like 500 Days of Summer and Joss Whedon’s cult favorite, yet short-lived series Dollhouse, Simonsen has moved on to bigger projects while still arranging for TV commercials. The Hollywood Reporter named him one of the “Top 15 Composers Primed To Take Their Place On the A List” realizing his early potential back in 2009.

With a marquee of big-title projects under his wing and a new-found online following uncommon for “commercial ad” composers, we expect to see even more of Rob Simonsen’s work be as attached to light-hearted films as much as Steven Jablonsky is to patriotic action scores.

Hear more of Rob Simonsen’s work on his website and catch the original score for The Way Way Back out on Columbia Records available now.

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