Composer Pianist Yoshiki Does A Piano Duel…With Hologram of Himself

(By Brian Davidson)

Chalk this one up as a first for a classical concert. At the recent SXSW Festival Japanese phenom and composer Yoshiki challenged the only other performer willing to be as outlandish as him: himself.

In a sight for the ages at the Qui venue in Austin for FLAUNT Magazine’s party celebrating its upcoming List Issue, Yoshiki whipped out one hell of a trick as he performed a piano duel with none other than a hologram of himself. The experience was nothing but incredibly dramatic let alone a technological marvel.

Yes, its been done before with a hologram of rapper Tupac appearing on stage at the 2012 Coachella festival but never has it been done on such a more, intimate scale.

Guess jokes about a holograms of Beethoven performing aren’t so far fetched now.


CORRECTION: It appears Yoshiki performed with a hologram four years BEFORE the Tupac Coachella hologram performance!

Credit to the numerous Yoshiki fans for pointing it out.  You can see the original Yoshiki (as part of his band X Japan)  hologram (and incredibly touching) performance with HIDE below:

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