Cosplay Design Takes on A Whole New Level at NYCC 2017

(by Gene Yraola)

After a month of covering the world’s biggest fashion weeks (NY, London, Paris, etc) – how refreshing it was to come across NY Comic and experience a level of fashion design completely unexpected.

Understandable these are patrons of anime and comics living out their fandom for their favorite toon in real life. What I saw was a sense of imagination missing from the fashion world.

During last week’s Paris Fashion Week, I held a sense of boredom from the street styles I came across.

Uninspired and repeats of the fashions from the season a year ago.

Enter Comic Con. Just as I had experienced with San Diego Comic Con, I was dazzled by the showmanship and intricacy of this year’s top cosplayers.

NYCC CosplaySpeaking with Megumi and Jane (pictured here) I learned that many cosplayers don’t just simply “copy” characters but in a better sense of the word interpret the 2D design of their costume heroines (or maids in this case) in their own perspective.

Other cosplayers I came across noted that the design and sew process for many of their costumes began back in June and go through rigorous prototypes before they finally settle on the right design.

What impressed me the most was not the hard work placed in creating these costumes but more so the imagination needed to take cartoon designs into a real world scenario.

To the fashion world, I simply say – take note of the con geeks. They are doing what we have been lacking for so many seasons – putting their heart and spirit into their cosplay fashions.

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