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Breaking into the fashion/art scene in 2011 with their performance video “Ghosts and Flowers,” cellist Meta Weiss and violinist Arianna Warsaw-Fan have teamed up to create duoW, an edgy string combo who blur the lines between traditional classical music and current pop-culture.

The young musicians have been performing together since they first met ten years ago at the prestigious Phillips Academy (one of the top boarding schools in the Northeast U.S.) and would go on to graduate from Juilliard with a Masters. Individually, both Weiss and Warsaw-Fan have garnered numerous awards and accumulated international accolades, but together they form a dynamo partnership that possesses a gravitating effect toward younger audiences to straight-up classical music.


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What has set this one-two punch apart from their peers has been their willingness and flexibility to integrate their upbeat style into their programs while maintaining the integrity of the repertoire.

duoW have recently released their debut album Entendre under the audiophile label Sono LuminusEntendre introduces listeners to duoW’s avant-garde craftsmanship with five virtuosic works and at the same time brings listeners into the fold with Americana-pieces performed with their sassy style and flawless technique.

duoW brings to the table a love for traditional repertoire without the need for compromising and “dumbing down” for the general audience of classical music. Their breakneck speed is fluid and tight enough to create a respectable performance experience in the traditional classical world.

The young duo have only started in their newfound recording ventures but given their capability and of course, their marketability, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Weiss and Warsaw-Fan take on new avant-garde contemporary works in the future.




Entendre is available now. The complete review on AltoRiot is coming soon.

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