Discover Sunbreak by Composer Paul H. Muller

Those seeking an ambient post-classical diamond in the rough, should look no further than little known composer Paul H. Muller’s recently released Sunbreak.

A West-coast composer of church music and minimalist-inspired electro-acoustic works, Muller’s self-released recording on Ventura Contemporary Records is a pacifist and surreal recording of electronic ambient and processed pieces. The nine tracks are composed and drawn out to far-reaching boundaries creating a true isolated atmosphere. Muller throws some curveballs with minimal piano keys spaced out ever so often. Many of the pieces are very reminiscent of Cliff Martinez’s score for the Drive Soundtrack.

The record can be a bit too drone at times, especially given the long stretches of drawn out strings, but provides a sonically contemplative look toward the unknown.

The full album is available for stream and download on Ventura Contemporary Music’s bandcamp page (along with various Muller recordings).

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