DuoW Seek to Get All Patriotic In New Video

One of best hidden gems from 2013, budding string combo Arianna Warsaw-Fan and Meta Weiss, otherwise known as “duoW” are seeking to create a new music video for their vibrant rendition of “Stars and Stripes” off of their respectful debut recording Entendre.

duoW seeks to create the new music video with funding via Kickstarter which is only a meager 1k away from its goal. With the funding, the duo seeks to add a whimsical visual spin to the patriotic number, paying homage to one of the great American icons of the 20th century.

The pair first made waves a few years ago in the fashion scene with their neon-bright styled music video for Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia, that while oddly matched, worked perfectly together in tune.

How they visually reflect “Stars and Stripes” from being a standard Americana-faired treatment should prove to be an interesting endeavor for duoW, who seek to break new ground and audiences to classical music and have previously found success through their edginess in various mediums.

Learn more about duoW and their patriotic plight by checking out their kickstarter page here.

Their debut album Entendre is out now on Sono Luminus. Read our feature on duoW here.

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