Eric Whitacre to Release Choral Rendition of “Enjoy The Silence”

Composer Eric Whitacre, hot off making the holiday-themed composition “Glow” commissioned for Disney’s “Winter Dreams” attraction, will be releasing a new EP featuring his choral rendition of Depeche Mode’s seminal new-wave hit “Enjoy The Silence.”

Whitacre along with the Eric Whitacre Singers have performed the rendition on their recent tour to much fanfare and the public demands for a proper recorded release are about to be met.

The new EP, which also include a brand new original composition by Whitacre will be released digitally and on vinyl as a special treat for 80s fanatics this coming November.

You can catch a preview of Whitacre’s choral rendition of “Enjoy The Silence” based on a video of their live performance.

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