ESKMO, DERU, Rob Simonsen, Joseph Trapanese, Kira Kira, and More Team Up for SOLSTICE

Solstice, the summer’s most intriguing night of contemporary works is set to happen June 29 courtesy of THE ECHO SOCIETY. Featuring a bevy of popular LA-based composers, Solstice will feature works and appearances by popular Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and composer Eirikur Olafsson (frequent arranger for Sigur Ros, Sin Fang), Kira Kira, Rob Simonsen, Joseph Trapanese, ESKMO, Judson Crane, Nathan Johnson, Deru, and Jeremy Zuckerman.

Presented by The Echo Society which is a Los Angeles based collective of like-minded composers, musicians and artists who gather together to share new sonic and visual art locally, Solstice is becoming classical/experimental’s hot ticket for the summer.  A night of new musical works with a 12 piece chamber orchestra & electronics is simply a contemporary fan’s dream come true. From artists popular amongst the indie.alt-classical scene to masters of film scores to more electronic-fused composers, SOLSTICE is possibly the best single night of contemporary music this summer that outshines even bigger branded events such as Lincoln Center’s Festival of Lights.

Here’s a look at the lineup and what to expect:

Those new to Eirikur Olafsson will be dazzled by the Icelandic composer’s uncanny ability to merge jazzy tones with unworldly and unorthodox contemporary mixtures. Generally performing multiple instruments at once, watching Olafsson is as equally exciting to see as is to listen.


Fans of Olafur Arnalds will feel right at home with the music of fellow Icelander Kira Kira. Her dreamy, often melancholic sounds on paper would seem too varied to work, but both sonically and visually, Kira Kira’s music blends perfectly together to create vivid, luminous pieces that are simply bewildering.  Kira Kira will be debuting a composition for a 12 piece chamber orchestra, electronics and vocals (hers & ESKMO) that from early buzz is set to receive rave reviews from contemporary critics.


For many, LA-based Rob Simonsen will be the highlight of The Echo Society’s Solstice concert. The composer is known to Apple-fanatics worldwide for composing many of the catchy, often retrospective music heard on their commercials. His most recent piece “Warmth for Wolves” for The Echo Society’s last concert was perhaps one of the night’s most dazzling and one of 2013’s most imaginative (and unfortunately over-sighted by many) contemporary works.


Sci-fi/action junkies are bound to know the music of Joseph Trapanese. The composer most recently did the music for the fan-frenzied international action films The Raid and its sequel, both of which were highly applauded for their adrenaline-driven scores. Trapanese’s skill for merging very Matrix-like tones with percussion heavy odes has quickly earned him a fanbase amongst soundtrack listeners and has become no stranger to working with marquee names the like of Daft Punk and M83.


Jeremy Zuckerman may be best known for his film and commercial work, but as a contemporary music composer his credentials are equally top-notch. His recent piece for The Echo Society, “Far Away Storms” is startling filled with dire emotion and vibrant of delicate details heard at every listen. If he follows suit from his WINTER piece, Zuckerman will perhaps provide the most mentally-engaging compositions of the night.


Mixing drone, ambient, electronic, and contemporary sounds into blend is ESKMO‘s specialty. Mind-blowingly surreal, the music of ESKMO (Brendan Angelides) is far and above some of the finest EVER heard in the experimental-contemporary community. ESKMO’s music is incredibly rich in depth with so many moving variables that even with predictability thrown out the door, remains willfully memorable and rhythmic. After hearing “Polar Bear and Blackbirds” from The Echo Society’s recent concert, there’s absolutely no way a listener could ever go back to anything lesser in dynamic vibrance. Absolutely worth every bit the price of admission.


Deru (Benjamin Wynn) is perhaps the most intriguing composer of the lineup at SOLSTICE.  An electronic/ambient composer whose works border the realms of tranquil and majestic, Deru often derives reminiscent themes with drone-ish, hazey soundscapes.  The result of Deru’s works are captivatingly sublime at nearly every note.  While known to the ambient community, Deru will undoubtedly be a new hidden gem soon to be discovered amongst contemporary classical listeners.


Nathan Johnson will best be known for his work on film and videogame scores including those for Looper, Don Jon, and Infamous Second Son on the PS4. A master of field recordings and “controlled” environment, Johnson could possibly show off the best manipulated use of electronics and chamber music.


Tickets for SOLSTICE are available now.

A sampling from The Echo Society’s previous concert WINTER can be heard below:

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