Every Conductor’s Dream – A Perfect Virtual Symphony

(By Brian Davidson)

If this doesn’t signal the start of how Terminator starts then I don’t know what will. Enter a new installation at the Mendelssohn Museum in Leipzig, Germany that lets you conduct a virtual symphony that adjusts to your every command.

Created by design studio WhiteVOID, the interactive installation “The Mendelssohn Effektorium” lets you control a virtual orchestra through a mixture of motion capture and gyroscopic sensors. Hand movements of the baton corresponds with 13 upright speakers with displays representing the various instrument sections of woodwinds, brass, percussion, vocals etc.

Nothing can ever sound horrific as the arrangements are auto adjusted to have perfect pitch no matter how fragrantly you waves your arms.

Bernstein is practically rolling over in his grave. Luckily he’s not around to witness the advent of Skynet and the rise of the machines.

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