Experiencing A Virtual Opera Is Pretty Gnarly

(By Brian Davidson)

Ever wish you could ride with the valkyries? Ever dream of der ring des nibelungen? Well unless you’re a performer, you’ll never be able to experience the full imaginary world of an opera…until now.

Enter Senza Peso, a mini opera experience for the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift (of which was recently acquired by Facebook).

In what is perhaps the best tech demo EVER for the Oculus Rift headset, users experience the full visionary world of the opera set in the afterlife.

Senza Peso unveils a beautifully dark world of lost souls and redemption…all in a sublime virtual reality. Inspired by the song “Senza Peso”, directors Cory Strassburger and Alain Vasquez began designing a world around the music.

Opera has played prominent roles in the world of videogames. The first ever digital opera, Final Fantasy VI’s “The Dream Oath,” was considered a landmark for music in games and set the precedent for advanced story telling for the medium. Now with Senza Peso being the most advanced experience yet for virtual reality, opera may very well have the opportunity to reach a whole new generation in the digital age.

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