Forget Music Videos, Gifs Are Where Its At

To promote the upcoming classical fusion album On In Love, from the team up of Shudder To Think frontman Craig Wedren and composer Jefferson Friedman, along with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (A.C.M.E.), a new series of abstract gifs were created. Yes, gifs. To promote an album. Budget? What budget? Wait 1999 was 15 years ago?!

on in love gif

Taking the Buzzfeed model to a whole new gambit, Wedren, Friedman, and A.C.M.E. have opted for a lo-fi approach to build hype surrounding the new album choosing for gifs as opposed to the standard video trailers we’re used to being fed by labels and publicists.

The first in a series of gifs from LA design team The Current Sea embark visuals usually set aside for bands like MGMT and Fleet Foxes.

Nonetheless in this tumblr-heavy world of promotion, its the first campaign of its kind to utilize gifs as a main driving point for hyping an album.

But visuals won’t have to carry much of a burden of building excitement as the album’s first single “Tarrying” is buzz-worthy enough.

In what we can best describe as a cross between a track off the Rent Soundtrack, a bit of 90s Verve grudge, and a bitter sweet symphony, the first single from On In Love is simply sublime with a heart.


On In Love hits May 27th on New Amsterdam Records.

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