Full Album Preview of Shortwave Nights by Hiss Tracts

If any drone/ambient recording is going to set a precedent for edgy this year, its going to have to topple the mystery that is HISS Tracts’ new album Shortwave Nights. Seemingly out of nowhere, this mind-melding album from soundscape masterminds David Bryant and Kevin Doria, is literally one of the year’s most imaginative-provoking and ethereal experience records of the year thus far.

While most drone records tend to stay a bit on the droopy, “look to the sky” tone, Hiss Tracts’ is far and above experimental soundscapes at its finest. Bryant and Doria deviate at every corner for a record perfectly blended for those with an urge for the psychedelia. Tracks such as Beijing Bullhorn will appeal to the contemporary ear in mind with its relaxed-transmission ecstasy vibe whereas pieces like Windpipe Gtrs come out ominous and rugged.

All in all, Shortwave Nights is a varied experience from beginning to end and one of mind-blowing proportions almost too difficult to put into words.

Shortwave Night comes out May 13 on Constellation Records.

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