Good Things Come in Three

Classical cover artists are a dime a dozen these days but the trio of Simply Three have the brightest outlook with legitimate artistic cred out of anything we’ve seen in the field for quite some time.   Releasing their newest EP Two Worlds Collide this week, the collection of violinist Alex Weill, cellist Zack Clark, and bassist Nicholas Villalobos have quietly found their groove while getting the right mix between pop rock and classical just right.

What makes Simply Three irresistible from most of the pop-classical arrangement vagabonds out there is their more casual, lighthearted approach to music with less of the tacky, cheese factor that generally taints the pack. Despite only forming in 2011, the trio have just hit the right level of maturity – their performance technique is soft and airy but not “wimpy.”

True, they perform the most overplayed songs of the moment from Pharrell’s “Happy” to Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” but their renditions are refreshing without losing the appeal of the originals. Even in their infancy years of development Simply Three shows a knack for getting the right pacing for doing classical arrangements of pop songs that nails the pacing but still protrudes a vintage string sound that separates them.  Nothing seems forced. Nothing seems fake. Nothing gimmicky.  Simply Three hides no qualms of maintaining the original context of the songs they cover but they do it with a natural, youthful spunk.

It will be interesting to see how Simply Three progresses with contemporary works but given their technical skill, they’d be in the right hands.

Two Worlds Collide is available now on iTunes.

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