The Greatest Classical Music Video No One Has Seen – World’s End Girlfriend’s “Storytelling”

One of Japan’s best-kept secret composers has been under the radar since his last album four years ago. World’s End Girlfriend, the musical project of Katsuhiko Maeda, whose work blends elements of electronica and classical, can be best described as the Japanese Danny Elfman for his whimsical-like flavor. And like Elfman, he’s got some great visuals to back up the music:

World’s End Girlfriend’s music video for “Storytelling” is quite possibly the GREATEST video ever created for an ambient piece yet woefully under-appreciated.  It’s everything you expect from a big budget picture but condensed into five minutes.  A unique but bitter narrative, a strong resonating tone, and visuals beyond imaginations – all driving the story but secondarily perfect to the music.

While World’s End Girlfriend has been quiet on the recording front, his music continues to be performed live – which if you ever get so privileged the chance to experience – is simply mesmerizing.

Katsuhiko Maeda has been keeping busy through various side projects but one can only hope he returns to his ambient compositions as World’s End Girlfriend soon.

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