If We Could Only Read the Mind of Organist Cameron Carpenter

Any musicians out there ever tried touring with a pipe organ? Probably not, and if they did exist, they’d know it’s a bitch. That’s going to change with Cameron Carpenter.

“The Organist,” Carpenter will be introducing a technological marvel of an instrument on his upcoming tour and debut album If You Could Read My Mind. Bringing the international touring organ essentially brings the sound and full experience of traditional organs but in an obviously much convenient, travel-friendly size. For those who have never actually seen a true organ concert, outside of say a baseball game, church, or Count Dracula’s house, the experience is quite mesmerizing. According to Cameron, not only does the international touring organ have a true organ sound but will allow him to also pull off tactics not capable on traditional organs.

One only needs to see that Carpenter himself is not only one of the premiere organists of our generation but possibly the most vividly imaginative ever. It is doubtful that a spring of other organists will pop up even in the midst of the buzz Carpenter has stirred, so his upcoming concert tour will be truly unique for quite some time.

Carpenter unveils the international touring organ with the launch of his tour March 9 at Lincoln Center.

Get a feel for the thrill that Carpenter brings with the organ in the following youtube clips:

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