Alto Riot is a quickly growing medium for the world of classical music, world, opera, jazz and more.  We’re geared toward bringing defining genres of music to the masses and maintaining the relevancy of the art.  Do you share the same passion for music as we do? Do you like to think creatively and work within a group that strives to turn that passion into the world’s greatest outlet for classical music? If yes, then a career at Alto Riot may just be right for you!


We are an equal opportunity employer valuing diversity…celebrating strengths.



Description of Duties
  • As Alto Riot expands its territorial coverage, we are seeking an editor to cover news items within the Northeast US.
  • Oversee freelancers, both writers and videographers in creation of new content
  • Able to self-produce content based on daily news items originating from the Northeast US as well as creating original material
  • Report on pop-culturally relevant happenings as they relate to classical music
  • Travel when necessary to obtain interview content

Summary of Requirements

  • 5 years editorial experience preferably within music
  • Strong understanding of music across all genres but with a strong knack for classical music
  • Strong knowledge of pop-culture events and able to stay up on relevant news across areas ranging from technology, culture, fashion, and lifestyle
  • Bachelor’s degree in Media/Communications or other relevant degree

** Send cover letter and resume to with subject line “EAST COAST EDITOR”





Description of Duties
  • As Alto Riot expands its online services (eCommerce, web, social communities, mobile applications, etc.) it is increasingly important that we understand the value we are delivering to our viewers. The ideal candidate will be able to independently leverage statistics to derive meaningful and actionable insights about our audience of online services.
  • Use of statistics to understand the key drivers for decision making among our customers
  • Help improve the audience experience by giving actionable recommendations based on data analysis
  • Creation of descriptive and predictive data models to describe user behavior and preferences
  • Statistically based viewer segmentation and clustering
  • Leverage predictive analytics to influence business decisions
  • Build micro and macro level forecasts based on past and current data
  • Create meaningful statistical reports and visualizations
  • Give insight to business owners in the form of reports, presentations, and visualizations
  • Ad hoc requests

Summary of Requirements

  • Background in eCommerce, digital marketing, or web analytics
  • Proven experience with R, SPSS, SAS, or other related tools
  • Experience Expert with SQL
  • Able to work with large datasets
  • Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals
  • Regression analysis and multiple regressions
  • Distribution fitting
  • Multivariate analysis including cluster, principle component, discriminant, and factor analysis
  • Expert with Excel
  • 5+ years’ experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistic, Mathematics, Economics, or other quantitative discipline

** Send cover letter and resume to with subject line “STATISTICAL ANALYST”





Description of Duties
  • Alto Riot is a heavily expanding online portal for classical music and with that comes a heavy need to syndicate across all major social media channels + interaction with viewers
  • Manage syndication of content across multiple social media accounts
  • Daily, and near hourly updates of content (non-site published) on social media channels
  • Provide daily content plans to Editor-in-Chief
  • Provide and executing integrated content into social media channels with marketing and advertising partners
  • Leverage social media assets for building audience and tapping into third party marketing channels
  • Outsourcing development of micropages, iframe and mobile apps
  • Ad hoc requests

Summary of Requirements

  • Experience handling multiple social media accounts
  • Thorough knowledge of key vendors in the social media space
  • Knowledge of classical music and opera a major plus
  • Able to create content quickly on the fly
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Thorough knowledge of pop culture and references
  • 4+ years’ experience in online marketing, social media, or relevant field
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Communications, Music History or other quantitative discipline

** Send cover letter and resume to with subject line “SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER”





Description of Duties
  • Provide support in content editing via CMS
  • Researching information on recordings, artists, current events, pop culture connections
  • Provide support in capturing online footage and social media content
  • Transmit media assets to editorial/content team
  • Ad hoc requests

Summary of Requirements

  • Must be able to receive college credit
  • Knowledge of pop culture a must
  • Social media savvy
  • Able to meet deadlines fast

** Send cover letter and resume to with subject line “EDITORIAL INTERN

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