Kanye West Unveils One of the Most Beautiful Game Trailers…EVER

(By Brian Davidson)

Say what you will about the controversial artist, but today at his YEEZY SEASON3 fashion showing Kanye West revealed one of the most beautiful trailers (emotionally) for a game he has been secretly working on entitled “Only One: The Game.”

Based on his late mother Donda, the trailer for “Only One” is a beautiful concept about his mother reaching the gates of heaven.

If you ever lost anyone, there’s nothing more beautiful that what Kanye displayed. The trailer starts off with Donda rocketing toward the skies along with other souls before eventually riding a pegasus before growing wings herself at the doorstep to the welcoming light of the heaven.
All of this beautiful concept art was accompanied by a fitting, poignant musical touch that wouldn’t question you being a bit misty-eyed.
West would go on to show the trailer twice, but we could watch it for a millions times more.

(all images taken by Brian Davidson)

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