Rid Your Phone of Annoying Default Ringtones With Mobile Miniatures

Tired of hearing those banal default ringtones on your smart phone? Not interested in seeking the latest top 40 songs as your ringtone? Well the Spektral Quartet may have the answer for you.

The Mobile Miniatures project is to replace the tedious default ringtones and alarms on your mobile phone with a catalog of teeny-tiny performances of original contemporary music. As their kickstarter description puts it best, “imagine waking up to the alluring melodies of David Lang, answering a call to the kinetic textures of Augusta Read Thomas or being alerted to a text message by the wry wit of Nico Muhly.”

If the goal of $8,000 is raised, the Spektral Quartet will receive the scores from the participating composers below and will record them for ringtone consumption. With a donation of $10 or more, you will receive a limited number of free downloads from the final set. So far, the list of supporting composers is quite impressive and far beyond any “ringtone” project ever seen in classical music.

The list of composers that have partnered in this intriguing concept include:
Mason Bates, Olga Bell, Seth Boustead, Nathan Davis, Nomi Epstein, Suzanne Farrin, Erin Gee, Luke Gullickson, Ted Hearne, Holly Herndon, Ben Hjertmann, Julia Holter, Dominic Johnson, Chris Jones, Jonathan Kirk, Morgan Krauss, David Lang, Jenna Lyle, Matt Marks, Mark Mellits, Nico Muhly, Marek Poliks, Collin J Rae, Shulamit Ran, Bernard Rands, Sarah J Ritch, Greg Saunier, David Skidmore, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Andrew Tham, Augusta Read Thomas, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Jen Wang, Liza White, Jay Alan Yim, and Katherine Young.

If all goes well, expect to hear these new ringtones in early 2014.

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