Who’s Behind the Music Heard on #Facebookis10 “A Look Back” Videos

With Facebook turning 10 this year, the social network recently allowed users to create and share a video recap of their “facebook lives.” Albeit a bit on the too-heroic side, one can’t help but smile (or feel saddened by nostalgia) over the video’s background music of orchestral strings.

Instantly the most shared piece of music this week on social media, the name and composer of the #FacebookIs10 theme remains a mystery. Easy options point to ad music / ambient guru Keith Kenniff, who is a popular choice for composing the reminiscent-styled music for Facebook’s previous spots, as well Instagram’s promotional videos, (which coincidentally is also owned by Facebook), and Google.

Most recently, Kenniff’s piece “Branch” from the album Branches was just used in Facebook’s promotional spot for their new app “Paper.”

One listen and the likeness between #FacebookIs10 and the commercial music for “Paper” is easily apparent.

Will the real composer behind #FacebookIs10 please stand up?

Keith Kenniff (aka Helios) confirms he did write the piece for the #FacebookIs10 videos. The piece is entitled “Years” (From Facebook’s “A Look Back”

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