Nas Brings An Orchestra with Him In Surprise Performance

For those who don’t think rap and classical can mix need to look no further than a surprise performance by Nas following a show by comedian Dave Chappelle at Radio City last week.

As a large screen at the back of the stage flashed images of Nas, each accompanied by a year, counting down from 2014 to 1994 (the year of his legendary Illmatic‘s release), the orchestra played him in as he delivered his iconic opening verse to “N.Y. State of Mind.”

Nasty then proceeded into “Life’s a Bitch” and “The World Is Yours.”

And one has to notice while Nas’ songs are already the deepest lyrically of most rappers, a full orchestra seriously ups his game.

It’s not the first time Nas teamed up with a live orchestra as a backing. Back in 2012, Nas came out for a surprise performance at Carnegie Hall alongside Alicia Keys with a live orchestra to perform his his “One Mic” and “If I Ruled The World.”

Though its not the first time acoustic instrumentation backed a rapper, upping the ante. Most notably, LL Cool J’s performance for MTV Unplugged represents the pinnacle of acoustic/rap collaborations.

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