NBC’s Love Affair With John Williams

(by Gene Yraola)

NBC has always had some of the best programming themed music on broadcast television that always added to their exceptional production quality, specifically for their news and sports segments. And it’s no wonder – most of the music was created by soundtrack composer extraordinaire John Williams.

One of NBC’s most iconic background music is their theme for the NBC Nightly News for the past 20 years. In very John Williams fashion, the piece almost seems like a segment straight out of Williams’ famous 80s and 90s scores such as a Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones. While the most recognizable portion of the track is the closing horns, the full piece is just incredible.

Back in 2006, Williams recorded the piece anew with a greater string section empowering the more emotional resonance of the piece.

The “Mission” as it is titled, is so widely acclaimed and licensed than even news stations in Australia are using for their intros and news bumpers.

Though no piece has been more recognizable in NBC’s programming lineup than that of “Summon the Heroes,” which has been used since the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as the network’s opening, closing, and bumper music to their Olympic coverage across all their channels.

Honestly, if Williams composed the scores to all of NBC’s programming, we’d even put up with crap like “Animal Practice.” Maybe.

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