New App Allows You to “Air Violin” and More

We’ve all seen shred heads play the air guitar, but how about the air violin? Thanks to the new app AUUG, its not only going to become a reality but a full-on music creative movement.

Started as a kickstarter campaign in late 2013 and recently gaining buzz from the recent Apple iPhone 5s commercial “Powerful,” the AUUG Motion Synth App is one of the more comprehensive if not impressive music creation programs ever conceived for smart phones and tablets.

Combining a specialized gripp controller fitted for the iPhone plus one of the best UI-designed and functionality music apps ever, the AUUG Motion Synth creates sound by simply tracking your movements and screen touches to make endless possibilities of sound combinations. The app is even capable of controlling music through external devices such as hardware synths or vocal harmonizers as well as control audio or visual software on a laptop.

In the brief demonstrations for how the app can be used to mimic a violin, the AUUG is incredibly deep in recreating the true physical experience of using a violin in real life. Users will technically have the ability to control true motion parameters such as bow speed, pitch glide, vibrato, octave selection and even bow position on the string.

The app is of course a synth-lovers dream come true with the ability to create a variety of soundscapes one can only dream of.

The beauty of AUUG lies not in its endless music creation possibilities but in the aspect that anyone with an arm and hand could create melodic tracks. From demos, its not hard to imagine easy manipulations to create Imogen Heap-like songs. Pop-makers such as the indie artist Grimes who actually posses little music instrumental knowledge, benefitted from WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) visual display synths as long as they had a knack for making memorable melodies. AUUG will essentially blow the door open for more undiscovered talent not only in the synth world but those who will like to dabble with programmed strings.

Another touted feature that shows tremendous possibilities for AUUG is its social capabilities of allowing users to share and collaborate their creations.  Could we be looking at future violin pieces created without borders? Possibly the next Postal Service band?

Founder Joshua Young sought a way to make music creation more accessible and realized that most are constrained by the actual physical demands of mastering an instrument. The obvious solution was finding a way in tying in music creation with what humans do naturally – “move.”  There is definitely going to be some “moving”  around for sure.

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