Nintendo Comes Out Swinging at NYCC 2013

(By Brian Davidson)

Nintendo came out swinging with its biggest press showing since E3 earlier this past June. One of the hottest booths at this year’s New York Comic Con 2013, Nintendo looked to be heavily on the offensive detailing the newfound double screen capabilities of its WiiU hardware now in its official first year. Showcasing no less than 20 games on the show floor for the WiiU, most notably the highly acclaimed HD remake of Zelda the Windwaker, and mature audience targeted Bayonetta 2 (by Platinum Games), booth visitors had many options to tickle their fancy.

Fan service aside, Nintendo knew the its target audience at New York Comic Con, putting on its most action-oriented games, graphic-heavy games as its forefront. Easily one of the most talked about games at this year’s NYCC, Zelda Windwaker HD Remake and Mario and Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics looks to be the killer apps that Nintendo needs desperately to draw the hardcore gamers in the midst of the PS4 and Xbox One impending launches.

nintendo 3ds nycc 2013
Nintendo also touted new additions to the Nintendo 3DS showing off an impressive suite of 3rd generation titles for the handheld. While off to a slow start, Nintendo made it evident at this year’s con that they were bringing their trusted and long lost franchises back to the 3DS – a system now in the stage of “experimental” development games.

Other highlight games included Donkey Kong Country Jungle Freeze – a return to form of the original 16 bit franchise that was somewhat muddled on the Wii’s previous outing.

While no game single-handedly stuck out as pure gold, Nintendo made good on its promise to fans at this year’s NY Comic Con to appeal first to their interests while maintaining innovation. Only time will tell if the Wii U will have the same longevity wow factor the Wii originally had out of the gate, but from the crowd reaction at NYCC, it doesn’t look that far from it. Its strongest asset against the much more powerful systems coming from Sony and Microsoft is its undeniable strong first-party lineup. While Smash Brothers and Mario Kart were notably absent from the show floor, Nintendo’s “2nd tier” titles easily trump anything set to be released on PS4 or Xbox One through 2014.

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