Nothing Gets Sports Junkies More Hyped than Two Steps From Hell

A new viral video has just surfaced showcasing the eerily similarities between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant which is causing quite the buzz among NBA stat gurus. But what really sets the stage is the videographer’s choice to use “Moving Mountains” by trailer-music extraordinaire production house, Two Steps From Hell.


“Hype” videos are no stranger to Two Steps From Hell. It’s almost customary in this YouTube day-and-age that Two Steps From Hell accompany any hype-machine viral video. Many of their popular pieces such as “Heart of Courage” and “Invincible” have been used in everything from sports clips and video game replay viral videos to commercials and action movie trailers. Trailer-friendly “Heart of Courage” was used in the beginning of all UEFA Euro 2012 matches and was exhausted on overplay during the London 2012 Olympic Games final.

Two Steps From Hell’s “Protectors of Earth” used for an NBA fan-made clip


“Moving Shadows” for another NBA fanmade video


Here’s the full track “Moving Mountains” for reference without overlap commentary.


Sports not your thing? Then here’s the Anna Karenina trailer featuring Two Steps From Hell’s “Nero” just for you.

Want more insight comparison of MJ vs. Kobe. click here to get your fix.

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