Olan Mill and Keung Mandelbrot Break Sound Barriers With Seismology

One of the more intriguing modern-classical/ambient projects this year is set to come in the form of the recent team-up of Olan Mill and Keung Mandelbrot with their upcoming record Seismology.

Seismology is an incredibly experimental blend of almost every instrumental genre under the sun from modern classical, to drone, to ambient, to synth psychedelia. The leaked sampler shows the duo will not be afraid to veer drastically away from standard ambient/drone recordings, opting to fuse controlled noise fizz at any given moment. Mill and Mandelbrot individually represent two ends of the soundscape spectrum, with Mill more known for his expressive mixtures of modern/post-classical music, while Mandelbrot has generally be connected to his experimental, sometimes unorthodox, use of atmospheric manipulation to create unique sound effects. The two separate words clearly mesh well from both an immersive and artistically gravitating experience.

While the sampler presents a level of improvisation between Mill and Mandelbrot on Seismology, there is also a degree of sophistication so high that many aspects were clearly drawn out beforehand.  If anything, Mill and Mandelbrot are proving that twitchy, static fuzz can find a place within the ambient modern-classical realm.

Controlled chaos abound, the fascinating experimental record Seismology is set to drop June 6 on Hibernate Recordings.

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