Old Favorites by Newbies: Miloš Karadaglić Does Boléro

In our new feature, we take a listen to the historical pieces we all know and love, but reinterpreted by the best up-and-coming classical music performers of tomorrow. Today’s spotlight focuses on the classical guitar’s new hero and posterboy, Miloš Karadaglić and his take on Maurice Ravel’s iconic spanish dance “Boléro.”


One of the most heroic and passionate/romanticizing pieces ever created, Maurice Ravel’s one-movement orchestral piece was originally composed as a ballet commissioned by Russian ballerina Ida Rubinstein, premiering in 1928 and would go on to be Ravel’s most famous musical composition. Known for rearranging and restyling dance movements, “Boléro” would become the epitome of Ravel’s signature style and damn near one of his final pieces for retirement.

Most would come to know “Boléro” through its heavy inclusion in pop-culture, most notably played in mid 20th-century Western films as the introduction theme to the movie’s protagonists. The Spanish dance was once famously used in the 1980 film 10 in which the character played by sex icon Bo Derek asks “Did you ever do it to Ravel’s Bolero?” followed by a four-minute excerpt of “Boléro” being used during the steamy, subsequent sex scene.

The popularity of “Boléro” as the quintessential soundtrack inclusion for Tarantino-like films would have only grown even more significant during the 90s throughs 2000s if not for its last minute deduction from the soundtrack to the videogame The Legend of Zelda. Originally intended to be the theme song to the now-revered Nintendo franchise, “Boléro” was cut in favor of an original composition for the game due to copyright issues – a problem that plagues its usage till this day in many countries.

Fitting that a piece with such fire and passion would find itself in the hands of classical guitarist Miloš Karadaglić, who has quickly become of one of the instrument’s most famous performers (and possibly its most relatable since the days of Julian Bream and Andrés Segovia). Miloš Karadaglić (who simply goes as Miloš) is not only one of classical guitar’s rising names, but has become one of classical music’s best hopes for a breakout name internationally. Hailed as a favorite amongst guitarists (of any genre) around the world, Miloš has magnificently crafted some of the finest arrangements for classical guitar resulting in audible splendors on such levels never heard before. Miloš’ signature style on the guitar is very methodic with pinpoint accuracy and precision to nail even the slightest of emotional tones.

What makes Miloš’ take on “Boléro” so unique is his grip to not only perform the spanish dance with the triumphant bravado the movement is renowned for, but his added flair for the romance that distinctly creates a whole new aura of theatricality. While we have all heard “Boléro” played numerous times in the cinemas, Miloš’ “Boléro” is clearly the most dramatically sultriest of renditions heard.

You can download “Bolero” as well as a host of other favorites rearranged for the classical guitar off new album Cancion (or Latino Gold if outside the US), available now.

Old Favorites by Newbies is Alto Riot’s feature series on introducing new classical artists with the purpose of building both the next generation of performers and fans through the genre’s most memorable pieces. 

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