Oyms + Kyosuke Takayasu Show the Inside of A Wind Is Quite Beautiful

(By Gene Yraola)

While technically more of a toy-pop track than an ambient piece, the new video for “Inside of a Wind” from Oyms + Kyosuke Takayasu is simply too adorable not to watch.

The music video for the title track off the upcoming album features animated water painted images that flow expressively over Oyms’ tingling chimes and lush instrumentals, while the vocals (sung in Japanese by artist Naumi) blend perfectly with the visuals provided by Kyosuke Takayasu. The track harkens more of a lighthearted K-Pop/J-Pop faire than what we come to expect from the toy/experimental-ambient label Totokoko but its all blissful nonetheless. Fans of Oh Land or Lenka’s more toy-like sets will plenty to like with Oyms + Kyosuke Takayasu’s upcoming album Inside of A Wind when it drops March 30 from Totokoko Records.

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