Pianists Alice Sara Ott and Francesco Tristano Want To Scandalize Your Eyes

Pianists Alice Sara Ott and Francesco Tristano released a new music video to promote their upcoming  avant-garde album Scandale…and boy is it full of bright ideas.

So whose bright idea was it to take two of the finest young pianists out there today and have them perform on an unused set from the SAW movies where we feel one of them will eventually gouge the other’s eyeballs out with a KFC spork?

Better yet, whose bright idea was it to capture the essence of The Rite of Spring by using a series of headache educing, vomit hurling camera movements?

Maybe we should spotlight the genius whose bright idea was it to to keep viewers glued to their screen by causing them epileptic seizures  through a series of chaotic flashes and blitzkrieg edits?

Oh but let’s not forget the egghead who thought it be a bright idea to make a painfully boring video concept where we take two reasonably attractive human beings and make them stare into the yonder looking like the kids all grown-up from Stephen King’s Children of the Corn?

Well after you’re done watching the video (or waking up in a pool of your own vomit after your pleasant seizure), you can check out Ott and Tristano’s new album Scandale this fall, featuring a new composition by  Tristano himself  entitled “A soft shell groove.”

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