Preview Pianistic Perfection Courtesy of Diana Gabrielyan

On Armenian pianist Diana Gabrielyan’s upcoming album on Odradek Records she shows off her adept dexterity on the keys exploring the difficult and thickly-tense repertoire of the twentieth century with sonatas by Stravinsky and Shostakovich, and compositions by Babajanyan and Mansuryan.

In the short album preview Gabrielyan shows no signs of faltering on the apprehensive pacing of Stravinsky’s neo-classical sonata as well as maintaining the serious undertone imagery in her interpretation of Shostatkovich’s sonata. The Armenian pianist’s fingers elegantly and fluidly move in poetry of drastic works so expressive and provoking, the album is primarily an ocean of heartfelt sonic emotion. Not to be lost in an album full of high remarks is Diana Gabrielyan’s take on Tigran Mansurian’s “Three Pieces” – which surprisingly is so rich and thoroughly done, that Gabrielyan and her producers would be foolish not to consider a full future album simply of Mansurian repertoire.

Diana Gabrielyan’s new album on Odradek Records featuring works by Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Babajanyan and Mansuryan drops May 13.

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