Preview the Uber Cool Vladimir Horowitz Carnegie Hall Boxset

In perhaps what is the coolest tribute to one of the iconic pianists of the 20th century, the lavish new boxset Vladimir Horowitz Live At Carnegie Hall may just be the crown jewel of them all.  Enclosed in a beautifully designed case in the style of Carnegie Hall, this mammoth 42 disc set is a music collector’s dream.

This lovingly put-together set gathers the complete RCA and Columbia recitals that Horowitz recorded live at Carnegie Hall between 1951 and 1978 including eight previously unreleased complete concerts.

Since Horowitz accurately claimed that he never played any piece the same way twice, piano-lovers now have the opportunity to hear multiple performances of certain works, and to compare how Horowitz responds to different audiences on different days with variations in nuance, tone color, touch, dynamics, tempo, phrasing, and pedaling.

Also inside the set is a 300-pages hardcover book with an introduction by Jed Distler profiling Horowitz and his special relationship with Carnegie Hall, a brief history of Carnegie Hall, an introduction to the previously unreleased recordings from Horowitz’s Private Collection, and facsimiles of concert flyers and tickets, as well as comprehensive track listings and historic photographs.

Vladimir Horowitz Live at Carnegie Hall is available on September 30th and expected under all Christmas Trees later this year.

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