Rearranged Body Parts Swarm Christopher Bono’s Video for The Unexcelled Mantra

Halloween may be over but there’s no shortage of creepiness in the new video by Icelandic visual artist Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir inspired by contemporary composer Christopher Bono’s new composition “The Unexcelled Mantra.”

Set against the alien-landscape of which is the land known as Iceland, Birgisdóttir creates a wicked imagery of rearranged human body parts formed into jeylly-fish like creatures. According to Birgisdóttir, who also recently directed a video for fellow countrymen Sigur Ros, the human-composed creatures “represent the impermanent and transient nature of existence and how we are constantly changing and reinventing ourselves. Although there is a quality of sameness within our being, we are always growing and mutating like the strange, amorphous entities of the video.”

This is the first of two videos created in response to Bono’s two new choral works – “The Unexcelled Mantra” and “Unity,” with the next video, by artist Tobias Stretch for Unity, being made available on December 3.

“The Unexcelled Mantra” and “Unity,” two of Bono’s most ambitious works to date are wildly imaginative and Birgisdóttir’s new video perfectly captures the expressive, (and openly dark-tone) of “The Unexcelled Mantra.” Both recommended works are available now digitally.

For Bono, the end of 2013 is shaping up to be quite busy as he closes in on what should be the finishes touches for his new album, set to release in 2014.

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