2Cellos – In2ition

Given their incredible debut featuring some of the best classical covers of rock songs ever (“Welcome To The Jungle”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”) and one of the best renditions of NIN’s “Hurt,” Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of 2Cellos certainly have proven their chops. Yet coming off such strong debut, their latest effort comes off uninspired and quite frankly…ugly.

Covering more of the same radio-friendly, hook-induced rock tracks as AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”, and Coldplay’s “Clocks” to name a few, along with one of their own self-created arrangements, most of the album is unremarkably dull in execution. None of the covers comes off notably striking from what you can find on youtube nowadays and a stark drop from their debut record of memorable uses of the cello.

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