Ex Confusion – With Love

Instrumentalist Atsuhito Omori made strongs headways into the ambient post-classical scene under the moniker Ex Confusion in 2012 with his surreal, sweeping record Embrace. A year later, Ex Confusion returns with a followup that takes the formula from his debut to whole new heights unimagined.

Each of the 13 tracks on With Love are relatively short (the full album barely clocks in at over 40 minutes) yet seem to flow endlessly in still time. Pieces such as “Old Portrait” and “For Memories” hold an anticipation for greater emotion yet hold back unwillingly for release.  Other arrangement such as the opening track “All Alright” provide an almost exhaustive gasp. A common denominator throughout, With Love‘s  mix of synths, simple repeating piano keys, and a touch of held electronic guitar notes merge to create seamless patterns of dream-like states. Ex Confusion does go slightly higher in a reflective motion in the stirring title track to great emotional effect. The beauty of the album can better be related to a symphony of moaning whales – sounds that are undefined yet perfect in harmony together.

The album as a whole is fluidly constructed as a long state of a cloudy, yet welcoming haze. An utter entrancing sense of timelessness from beginning to end, With Love is a warp whom’s gravitating effect is a wordless comprehension.  Whereas most ambient  recordings suffer from an eventual monotony, there is a remarkable abundance of sound diversity to be had here – all without disrupting the level of mood.  With Love paints a picturesque landscape that is calming as it is heavenly – a vivid dream while perfectly awake.

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