Piano Guys 2

Coming off a stellar debut album driven by a strong presence on social media, The Piano Guys return once again with a new record that doesn’t stray too far from their proven formula of pop-classical crossovers and classical renditions of nerd-culture themes.

The only issue is too much of the same from the debut recording and the repertoire, while rightfully paced, comes off uninspired. While casual classical listeners will find the record pleasant appealing, and an appearance by EDM/Classical-Crossover violinist Lindsey Sterling adds a new dimension to the Piano Guys’ energy, the creativity is noticeably missing from a unique (yet banal) mix of selections from Bruno Mars, Howard Shore, and the Charlie Brown Medley.

Had this been the debut record, it would rightfully deserve a high rating. But as with the case of a sophomore slump, a much needed layer of depth is missing.

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