Timo Andres – Home Stretch

Young pianist/composer Timo Andres shines on his new record when it comes to his own compositions but slightly detours a bit heavy on over-production when it comes to taking on Mozart’s Concerto for Piano No. 26.

Rich and expansive in the opening self-created composition and lead title track “Home Stretch,” Andres channels a wide spectrum of motion that is gripping and zestful in energy. So too is Andres’ final piece “Eno Paraphase,” and initially incredibly rhythmic composition channeling a bit of Camille Saint-Saens’ “Carnival” and ending with a very harmonious ode to Americana pasture style of sound.

The only downfall comes from Andres’ overreaching pull on Mozart’s piano concerto No. 26 that undoubtedly feels rushed and overtly aggressive in style.

The disc is worth hearing, if only for Andres’ own remarkable and memorable works, but many will feel perplexed at how one so adept at composing can perform Mozart so sully and with little headway for the majority of the concerto.


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