William Basinski – Noctures

Ambient/Experimental artist William Basinski originally struck acclaim with his previous release The Disintegration Loop four years ago. Returning with Nocturnes, an experimental record of prepared piano pieces, Basinski journeys to a still-life avant-garde sound that while effective and entrancing, serves as its own detriment.

Nocturnes is distinct and passive in such a warped manner that every passing second is near endless.  The unfortunate aspect of Noctures is for a majority of the record, much is left too withheld to the point of near excruciating halts and a befuddled daze with no sense of direction.  Intentional or not, the ambient grip of the record is lost too quickly into the scheme of slow transitions.

The record is harmless in that you won’t be completely zoned out as Nocturnes as an experimental record creates delusion trance that is utterly perfect, but on a whole, fundamentally presents a struggle to vie for anything worth challenging to the ears.


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