Roughness and Beauty Collide on New Track from Ben Frost

Not slowing down momentum for even a second, composer Ben Frost and Bedroom Community/Mute Records revealed a “Nolan,” the latest new track off his upcoming new album A U R O R A.

The first revealed track off A U R O R A, “Venter,” was an adrenaline-fueled romp of bells, synths, and droney tones, and “Nolan” is no different continuing the same visceral percussion pace. In some regards “Nolan” is more climatic from the beginning and carries somewhat of the same expressionist tune of “Venter.”

“Nolan” contains more of a dynamic mixture of instrumentation than “Venter” and protrudes a harsher, rougher, but oddly harmonious flow. Halfway of “Nolan,” Frost battles his own aggression with forcibly change in direction to grindingly slow down the pace like hard brake on a power slide. Towards the end, “Nolan” radiates as Frost blends electronic keys with elongated drones to create a screeching and echoing gasp for air. The result is practically 7-minute rumble to the ears.

If the speedy but pounding natures of “Venter” and “Nolan” are any indication, A U R O R A is definitely not going to be for the weak.

A U R O R A, drops out May 26 on Bedroom Community and Mute Records.

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