Sarah Neufeld Breaks Black Ground With Vivid New EP

Arcade Fire violinist Sarah Neufeld ended 2013 with a plethora of accolades including a new Arcade Fire album, contributing to the brilliant HER film score, and most notably releasing the momentous solo debut Hero Brother, continues her streak with the Black Ground EP.

The new EP serves as an extension of Hero Brother‘s riveting violin narration. The Black Ground EP is comprised of 2 pieces from the body of work that created Hero Brother and an orchestral version of “Breathing Black Ground”.  “Muscle Til Death” notably stands out for its raw emotion and  was penned as the last piece Neufeld wrote before recording Hero Brother but remains very close related in theme.  Owen Pallett fans will find pleasure in  the orchestral version of “Breathing Black Ground” as Neufeld joins Pallet in an orchestral session in Prague for one of the most atmospheric tracks of the early part of 2014.

The Black Ground E.P. shows what separates Neufeld from other violin starlets of our generation.  There is a sense of chaos to her violin, yet controlled and in order to a create a very theatrical-like dancing of notes. Neufeld’s distinct sound is best described as the “Bjork of violin.”

A special video was also created for the orchestral version of “Breathing Black Ground.”

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