Simply Three Breezes On a Tightrope When It Comes To Music Videos

We got to hand it to string trio Simply Three. They make better music videos than most classical label funded artists. Heck they make better videos than most artist from bigger pop labels. Heck they make videos that are actually more artsy to watch than even the most abstract indie artists.

Unlike most pop-interpretive string trios that actually bring a level of suckitude to the songs they cover, Simply Three brings stylish elements of their flair and keep the full fun factor that made the song great in the first place.

Honestly hearing that a string group would cover a great track like Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope” and its companion piece “Cold War,” somewhat makes us cringe knowing how easy they can blunder it up and lose the emotive touch that made Monáe’s 2010 acclaimed songs so funky. Let alone that the two pieces are not exactly the most obvious tracks to cover adds a whole new level of appreciation for Simply Three.

Flashy and fluid but with dashes of nonchalant breeziness not only lets Simply Three’s cover of Monáe’s songs keep their vibrance and depth, but also exudes the added layers of color that the group generally adds.

The video directed by actual members Zack Clark and Nicholas Villalobos alongside Ovi Balc, actually shows how good a classically-trained group’s music video can be when they are just themselves. (See the results of when they try the exact opposite here).

Nothing over the top – just a the right level of visualizing what a string cover could be like when you take out the stigmas and high-brow perception most adhere to.

There’s no “too cool for school” or “wannabe” hardass effort here. Its simply just a straightforward perfect example for most directors and cinematographers to follow when trying to visual the sonic identity of young classical musicians.  Yet in comparison to even the biggest selling cross-over classical acts such as Lindsey Stirling or 2Cellos, Simply Three’s latest video is by far the year’s most visually appealing performance video so far.

Simply Three’s cover of Janelle Monáe’s “Cold War / Tightrope” is available for download now.

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