Star Wars Secret Concert Brings The “Big Moment Surprises” Back to SDCC

(By Brian Davidson)

The music of John Williams is nothing new to the heath of Comic Con attendees, but Friday’s surprise performance by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra was remarkable different.  Put on as a special treat by JJ Abrams post-Star Wars panel, there was a palpable excitement in the air as the orchestra raged on through the southern California breeze right outside the convention center. Just one day earlier, the same orchestra was on hand for the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions, so to have quickly mastered John Williams’ Star Wars trilogy score was nothing short of bewildering.

But the performance represented more than just a nerdgasm of iconic themes – it brought forth much of the hype and nostalgia of the upcoming Star WarsEpisode 7 with an epic “wow” moment that as SDCC continues to grow, feels somewhat destined to be less impactful.  The night’s performance proved that indeed there was still those big show-stopper moments that longtime SDCC fans have felt would dissipate with the eventual growth of the convention into pop-culture’s (and Hollywood’s big budget marketing plans) mainstream.  The symphonic event was a “big-picture” moment not for the mega media consumption but for the longtime…comic con stalwarts that reminded them why they make the trek to 619 so many years ago.

As fireworks closed off in the night, heard not only by those within the marina grass, but well into the balconies of the convention itself, Abrams’ surprise was a return to form for fan-exclusive, fan-worthy service that gives the con the prestige it has long helmed.  It was also a unique and unconventional topper to what was already a stellar panel that was unlike anything prior.  See a classical concert instead of new movie footage  or an unreleased trailer?!  At the end, Abrams/Disney’s gamble paid off to what was perhaps the most emotional, near tear-jerker moment of SDCC 15.

Unexpected but delightfully the greatest treat fans, Star Wars fanboy/fangirls or not, could have ever asked for.

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